Happy Equinox—Is Spring Almost Here?

We are more than an inch over the monthly average for rain for this month.  The daffodils are up in our yard.  I guess February showers have brought us March flowers.  Yesterday we woke to beautiful sun streaming in through the window.  We decided to use a gift certificate to go out to breakfast and then head on to the opening day of the Farmers Market.

We tried to get some banana in Henrik in case there was a wait at the restaurant for a table.  He didn’t really want any.  And then he threw up.  We spent the day indoors and watch the beautiful sun and the beautiful full moon flow in our windows.

Henrik was back up to speed today and we got some work done indoors and outdoors.  It was a little more grey today, the weather report is predicting some sun on both Tuesday and Wednesday next week.  I am looking forward to enjoying the sun for two days in a row.

If you have been missing the sun, I hope you enjoy its beauty soon.

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