The Feminine Flow of Pelvic Energy

wild feminine

Tami Kent opens Wild Feminine by describing her as “an elusive creature” and that she can be “like the wind”.

But observing her return in the energy and expressions of the woman in my midst, I saw the true feminine nature.  When a woman found the wild feminine in her core, she was radiant and wise in her own unique way.  All previous notions of what I had called feminine changed, and I was inspired by each encounter with this authentic feminine (pgs 1-2).

She goes on to describe how in her work she uses “words and phrases like root, feminine terrain, and wild feminine ground and landscape to evoke the resonance between the female body and the earth” (pg. 4).  She then proceeds right into describing the essence of what she will expand upon throughout the rest of the book.

Physical tension and energetic blocks in the pelvic bowl limit core vitality and energy flow.  Conversely, physical alignment and balanced energy patters crease robust health and the potential for greater flow and every resource into our bodies and lives (pg. 5).

I learned about Tami in 2009 and it was as if everyone I met during that time was recommending her to me for post-partum pelvic pain.  I paid attention to those signs, bought Wild Feminine and scheduled an appointment.  I then opened a new chapter of my own healing and of my own understanding of my body.  We didn’t exactly learn about massaging the pelvic floor during massage school.  I was amazed after being introduced to Wild Feminine and to Tami, and still continue to be, with how inherently connected we are to, and simultaneously disconnected we are from, our own pelvic floor.

Many women might be thinking at this very moment that, “there is nothing wrong with my pelvic floor”.  And, that may be true.  But, unless you, or someone you trust, or someone who has been trained, applies pressure to the muscles in your pelvic floor, you really don’t know if that is a true statement.  Right now, just might be the perfect time to begin that journey.

Tami has been called The Vagina Whisperer and she has a great TED talk.  She still maintains a private practice and she trains other practitioners to share her work with as many women as possible.  Bringing balance and healing to your pelvic floor can change alignment and pain patterns throughout your entire body.  I highly recommend reading Wild Feminine and welcoming the opportunity to “experience new ways of physically, energetically, and spiritually embodying your feminine form” (pg 7).