I completed the Graduate Sports Massage Program through Brenneke School of Massage in 1995. I have worked with a variety of athletes at all levels. My greatest expertise is working with road and mountain bike racers. I worked as a soigneur (one who provides care) with multiple national and world champions and Olympic athletes. I traveled extensively with cycling teams to races throughout the U.S., in Europe and to the Tour of Japan and the Tour of China.

The Bowenwork® I do now is very different from the manual therapy I did as a soigneur, but that experience directly informs the work I do now. Bowenwork® is much more holistic and I can treat the “whole” athlete better now than with any other modality I have previously used. Some of the benefits Bowenwork can offer athletes include:

• Increased speed of recovery from acute and/or chronic injuries
• Decreased occurrence of injuries
• Increased power output
• Decreased adhesions in fascia and other soft tissue
• Increased oxygen intake
• Decreased stress response
• Increased relaxation

A typical Bowenwork session lasts 60 minutes and includes intake, treatment and suggestions for maintaining and extending your session at home — $60

Prices and offerings may change at any time.  Service may be refused to anyone at anytime.

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