Babies & Children

Babies and children respond quickly to Bowenwork®. Most of the protocols used to treat symptoms in adults can be used on babies and children.

• Colic, indigestion and/or general irritability
• Earaches/infections
• Fussy baby and/or sleep resistance (learning “how” to relax)
• Indigestion and/or projectile vomiting
• Latch and/or feeding complications (including preference for one-sided nursing)
• Structural imbalances resulting from fetal positioning or the birth process

• Asthma and/or other breathing challenges
• Bedwetting
• Scoliosis and/or back/neck pain
• Sports injuries, falls and/or accidents
• Stress, anxiety and/or difficulty sleeping

There is no charge for a Bowenwork session for an infant under a year old.  Children between 1-7 do best with a session between 15-20 minutes long ($20).  Children between 8-12 are usually ready for about a 30-minute session ($30).  Youth between 12-14 and up may still only need a 30-minute session, but may also benefit from a longer session.

Prices and offerings may change at any time.  Service may be refused to anyone at anytime.

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