Intro Class

I completed the Bowenwork® Associate Instructor training through the American Bowen Academy in 2016.  I am certified to teach an introductory class that lasts 4 hours and includes 15 Bowen moves to use on yourself or on friends and family.  The workshop is open to people with no background in massage or bodywork.  Practitioners are also welcome.

You will learn Bowen moves to treat neck, back, hip and knee pain, breathing and digestive issues and other conditions.  The moves along the spine also help encourage the body’s relaxation response, which supports whole-body healing.

The workshop costs $95 and includes a thorough manual to reinforce what you learn in the workshop.  Classes are offered about every other month at my office.  Please check this site for scheduling or contact me for specifics.  The workshop does not grant a “license to touch” anyone other than friends or family or allow you to charge for working on others.


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