Biofield Tuning

The benefits of Biofield Tuning (BT) are now being scientifically documented. A recently competed feasibility study showed “clinically significant reductions in anxiety” as a result of BT sessions. It is really great news that this initial research is documenting what many people have already experienced. And, in particular, the sessions included in the study were “virtually-delivered” via Zoom. The participants also reported decreases in negative affect and perceived stress.

One of the most consistent, and significant results I experience after receiving a BT session is a dissolution in whatever stress I carried into the session. And, for me, until my Advanced Module workshop last June, all of the BT sessions I had received had been via Zoom. I was supposed to start my BT training in April of 2020, but Covid shut down Washington the month prior. I was so frustrated that I hadn’t gotten to start learning the modality before the world shut down.

But, as a result of both my Foundation and Practitioner trainings being online, I became a BT practitioner through remote and distance sessions. And, because I was only able to receive virtual sessions, and I was only able to offer virtual sessions to anyone outside my family, I learned and experienced the work in a way that would not have happened if I had been an in-person student. My own lived experience with the virtual BT sessions that I have offered as a practitioner, and those I have received as a client, has led me to recognize virtual and in-person sessions as equally therapeutic. At this time, I am only offering online BT sessions.

Biofield Tuning sessions are available online via Zoom.  First sessions are scheduled for 75 minutes.  Follow up sessions can be 60 or 75 minutes.  60 minutes for $80 or 75 minutes for $95.

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Prices and offerings may change at any time.

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