This is the first sound bath I recorded.  The session was the Harvest Project for my Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT) practicum.  One of the requirements of the practicum was to spend time in a sit spot multiple times a week.  My sit spot was in my backyard, under a black walnut and facing two Douglas firs.  I am very grateful to have a pocket of nature in an urban backyard.

We share our yard with deer, rabbits, raccoons, an opossum and even a skunk.  Coyotes roam the neighborhood.  There is a lot of “wildness” in my sit spot and in our yard, but we are still surrounded by neighbors and roads and the noise pollution that accompanies the “built” environment.  I was often distracted by the auditory intrusions that are usually absent from a truly wild environment.

I offered the sound bath as a gift of gratitude to my sit spot.  My intention was to offer a balance to the randomness of the usual soundscape emitted by humans.  I also offer the sound bath to anyone interested in a self-care practice in the middle of a busy day, or as a way to begin or end any day in a mindful way.

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down to relax and restore for 10 minutes.  Focus on your breath, your body and the sound of the bowls.  You might also hear the wind, snow melting and dripping off the firs.  The tingshas will signal the end of the session.  You can listen to just the audio or, if you choose to watch the video, you will see what I see in my sit spot as the sun and the wind travel through the branches of the fir.  Enjoy! 

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