Living Downstream Movie–St. John’s Theater


The movie Living Downstream will show tonight only at the St. John’s Theater.  The movie features Sandra Steingraber and her book Living Downstream.  Both the book and the movie highlight the personal battles with cancer of the author, her family and the link between environmental toxins and cancer.  This is the book that started my personal journey of research into the residing in our foods, swimming in our water and floating in our air.  Living Downstream was the first book we read in my MES program and I have to say that I have looked at the world differently ever since.

Having Faith is another great book by Sandra Steingraber.  It focuses on environmental toxins and their specific effects on the different stages of motherhood.  There was a great article by Sandra Steingraber in the September/October issue of Orion magazine about fracking.  It is available here online.  When Sandra Steingraber said in the article that, “hydrofracking is the environmental issue of our time”.  That statement got my attention.

I have been waiting for months for this movie to come to Portland and I was so sad when the date was announced that I already had another commitment.  I hope the St. John’s Theater is full tonight and that they will schedule a second screening.  Take advantage of this opportunity if you are available. If not, start with one of Sandra Steingraber’s books or articles.  She is a gifted and engaging environmental writer.