Connecting With Your Pelvic Alchemy

female pelvic alchemy

I ordered Female Pelvic Alchemy by Isa Herrera as soon as it was available.  Then it arrived, right after I started my program, and then it sat.  I kept moving it to the front of the stack and then school books kept pushing it back.  Female Pelvic Alchemy is on my syllabus this week and I finally set aside the time to jump in.  “You are the only one who can do this work” and “when you come from a place of deep understanding only then can you reshape your female pelvic health” are such beautiful statements that jump out of the opening pages (pg. 16).

I really appreciate the way Ms. Herrera so clearly states that each woman needs to be directly involved in her own healing process.  “Women are searching for something more” because they “want a fresh perspective when it comes to treating and taking care of themselves” (pg. 25).  The book offers a very holistic approach to healing pelvic dysfunction and, even if you aren’t experiencing pain or dysfunction, the book also offers a roadmap for women to “reconnect with their true energetic selves” and “to remember what it feels like to be whole again” (pg. 17).  WOW, what an opportunity!

The book very clearly details, through words and pictures, a really wide variety of self-care modalities including exercises, acupressure, energy work, yoga and mindfulness practices.  And, this is the first self-care book that I know of that describes how to check your own pelvic alignment and how to then rebalance your alignment using muscle energy technique (MET).  The book offers women so much knowledge, page after page, and there are additional online programs from more interactive learning, if that is preferred.

“The healing process takes time and you may experience setbacks” (pg. 21).  “There is no cookie-cutter approach” and “you must experiment with all the tools and discover what exercises or techniques work best for you” (pg. 22).  So true!  It is so important to explore and uncover the best healing path that is unique to you.  Female Pelvic Alchemy and the Pelvic Pain Relief website have so many resources to offer so get started now!