Looks Can Be Deceiving

Brazed Brussels Sprouts

I have been avoiding writing about food because I am not (yet) accomplished at photographing food.  I am sure it is a combination of both equipment and skill.  I dumped so many of my food photos this summer because the pictures just didn’t look appetizing.  We seem to have a failing camera and aren’t getting many good photos of anything lately so an upgrade is in the future.  I am also trying to learn more about staging food photos.

With that caveat, we had a great dinner.  I had no intention on taking a picture, but as I sat down with my plate, it just begged to be photographed.  Tonight’s dinner was inspired by the blog Smitten Kitchen.  We got Brussels sprouts and Romanesco broccoli, which I would have taken a picture of if I had actually planned on writing this post, in our last CSA box on Friday.  I had been waiting for some inspiration.  I found the Balsamic Brazed Brussels Sprouts recipe on Monday.  There is also the sweetest picture of their new baby holding a tiny Brussels sprout, which is worth checking out.

I didn’t weigh the vegetables (or flowers) and I pretty much improvised from there on.  I did sauté the green ingredients in olive oil and then added the shallots and garlic.  When those were tender enough I added the balsamic vinegar and the broth.  I used a vegetable bouillon cube from Rapunzel.  I am not sure if I properly “glazed” everything because I am not sure I possess that cooking skill.  I also completely eliminated the bread crumbs.  Instead, I served it with fresh (frozen) egg fettuccini from Pastaworks.  The grated parmesan rounded out the flavor and brought in the salt that was missing from the pancetta, which we don’t eat.  It was hit for the whole family and it was another reminder that some recipes call for strict adherence and others beg for individual creativity.  My kitchen motto is usually to “cook with what you have” and that worked well this recipe.  Thanks for the inspiration, Smitten Kitchen!

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