Appliqué My Way

Appliqué Your Way

I bought Appliqué Your Way at Powell’s as soon as it came out as part of my endless study of sewing, both machine and hand.  I had done some reading in the book, but was mostly waiting for inspiration from the author.  I have been to many author events at Powell’s and the format is usually pretty similar.  The author talks a little about the evolution of the project, reads a little from the book and then takes questions from the audience.  The cookies were a welcome surprise at the Grand Central Baking Book event.  I also really enjoyed getting to see and touch Amy Karol’s project samples from her new book Bend the Rules with Fabric.

But, Kayte Terry really took things to a new level.  Kayte brought project samples from her book.  She also brought felt and embroidery thread.  Kayte started by reading from the book’s introduction and then we started working on the Toadstool Ornament on page 100.  I had gotten the tip off that we would be crafting something from Susan Beal’s blog.  I was happy to be able to warn my family in advance that I would be gone a little longer than for a traditional author event!

It was really fun to actually be an active participant, rather than just a passive listener at an author event.  I was happy to put the embroidery skills I picked up at the Embroidery Basic and Beyond Workshop I took at Gossamer last spring.

Toadstool Ornament

I used French knots on the circles and blanket stitch around the edges.  I think it looks great and I am looking forward to hanging it in the tree in a couple weeks.  Henrik collected it as soon as I walked in and hung it on his door handle, right next to the embroidered Ukrainian style egg I made at Gossamer in the spring.

I usually walk out of an author event believing that I could go home and put the information in the book to use and make or bake something.  This time, I walked out the door with proof in hand.  I had already crafted something with my new skills.  I now know that I can Appliqué My Way.  Thanks, Kayte!

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