Are You Ready to Embody Your Wild Power?

wild power

Wow!  I am so excited to begin to embody my Wild Power after reading this book.  Wild Power, by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, came highly recommended from Uma Dinsmore-Tuli when I took her Womb Yoga workshop.  She also graciously gifted me a set of the Red Power Cards (they are on sale right now on the website!), which have been helping me hone my awareness of the seasons of my cycle.

Reading the book has been such a delight.  The book was the perfect follow up to reading Period Power last week.  Wild Power begins with an invitation of how to engage with the book whether you are closer to menarche or menopause or maybe the partner of a woman who is.

“Our Wild Power is the Feminine wanting to be known though our individual experience.  It’s our personal service to the revolution.  Not a revolution imposed on us, but an organic evolution that works through our bodies” (pg. 4).

Wild Power deeply expands on the ideas introduced in Period Power about a whole mindset shift around menstrual cycles.  The authors clearly state that we must change everything about what most of us have learned that “the entire menstrual cycle is a handicap or a limitation that makes women emotionally unstable and inconsistent” and instead embrace inherent benefit that “having a menstrual cycle gives a woman much more predictability around her moods and energy” (pg, 5).  What a welcome reframing!

The book further welcomes you to “think of Wild Power as a living presence that’s seeking expression through you” and that ”it longs to be embodied and expressed through the singularity of who you are”.  I love the way the authors explain that “Wild Power becomes ’embodied’ through the process and practice of menstrual cycle awareness” and that “it’s the revelation of your awakened self” (pg. 19).  Again, Wow!

I have been so engaged, first with the Red Power Cards, and now with the book that I want to learn even more.  I purchased the Red School online program and I am really excited about learning more about menstrual cycle awareness and about how to embody my Wild Power!